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Saturday, May 15, 2004

New They're Back up on the archive, as the final old-look PC Gamer arrives on the shelves.

Not a great column, that month - and it contained the review that finally annoyed Tony enough to put his foot down more firmly on the pages - the naval simulation "joke". We still don't see eye to eye on this one, my argument being that it's funny because the joke is so very unfunny. Tony argues that it's not funny because the joke is so very unfunny.

Either way, each of Tony's challenges had led to my attempting to write TB more carefully, and generally (and frustratingly), he turns out to be right. 10:32 am [+]

Friday, May 14, 2004
Saw Rinaldi Sings tonight. So you don't have to.



They (he) are the hideous result of someone having heard My Life Story and early Divine Comedy, and thinking that they might have a go at something like that. But then accidentily writing themes to BBC1 daytime quizshows.

As if commissioned by Radio 2, each song is a painstaking attempt to be 'catchy', but never so interesting that you might not fall into a lifelong coma. Little-brained big-band safety-mod, nasty in its cynical conception, hideous in its sincere delivery, if there's one band you douse in petrol and set fire to this year, make sure it's this one.

Proof 3:20 am [+]

Monday, May 10, 2004
All hail Mark Danks, and his file converting ways.

For those luddites incapable of a non-evil file format, here are the HILARIOUS clips of me, in mp3.

Star performance

Honour call 8:35 pm [+]

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Proof of my radio comedy prowess has surfaced.

I've recently found the Lee & Herring Radio 1 Show floating about on the magical internet, from way back in 1994/5.

And finally a nagging teenage memory of having phoned into some show or other has been solved. For ages I thought it was The Armando Iannucci Radio 1 show, but no such me-ness was to be found within. All cleared up now.

If you care, and you do, my decade old 17 year old voice can be heard below:

My very voice


My glory

I was 17, ok.

They are ogg files. This is not a mysterious audio format from the Hidden Realms. It's perfectly normal. The fact that Windows Media Player and Real Player seem unable to play them is not proof that oggs are obscure - it's proof that Windows Media Player and Real Player are utter rubbish. Winamp 5 can play with them with no problems at all, unless you are Kieron, and hence the enemy of all technology.

If anyone has the ability to turn ogg into mp3, then email them to me - I'll smile down upon you from Comedy Heaven forever more. And just because it will make Stuart Campbell quiet his whiny mouth.

If there's anyone who reads this blog who doesn't like Boothby Graffoe and his cavalcade of misery, and hence have the good sense to want to hear Lee & Herring's non-Fist of Fun Radio 1 stuff, then it would seem that you are interested in the illegal pirating of the BBC's intellectual property, despite their never attempting to release the series commercially, nor ever repeating it after 1996. You dirty, evil, thieving pirate scum. Email me for details. Even Mitch Benn. 5:24 pm [+]

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